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Ultra Durable & Low Maintenance Gong Targets  

We pride our range of gongs on being some of the most durable on the market today, offering a new level of failure free shooting. We don't incorporate the use of any chains, shackles or bolts to avoid failure, instead we stick to the reliability of Hardox500 for the hanging of our gongs.

All of our gongs attach directly to our stands with no need for extra components. This direct contact with Hardox500 stand makes our offering so simple, durable and low maintenance. Set yourself up for some enjoyable shooting.


Everything you need to get kitted out with our Gong Targets. No Questions asked.

durable & reliable

All of our hanging targets feature a unique single slot that mounts directly onto our stands without the need for fasteners of chains

- Compatible with all of our Hardox500 stands

- No target twisting or tangling on impact

- No chains, shackles or bolts to break on impact


Already got one of our stands?

Our Gong targets are available to order individually below

Steel Target Co-37_edited.jpg
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