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Hunting Targets

Steel targets fit for both hunters and professional outfits

Our Hunting targets are where The Steel target Company began. Once upon a time the only target we produced was a broadside fox. Today, our entire hunting range has forged itself a firm footing in the UK's shooting and hunting industry, being used by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

All our Hunting targets share the same functional features, making them extremely versatile and low maintenance. Designed for professionals, we pride our targets on being robust and reliable for failure free shooting

Key Features

Our Hunting Targets are built on a foundation of unique features, all designed and developed in house. Its these features that make our targets the most reliable and reputable steel targets on the market today.

Universal Stands

Setting a target out has never been so straight forward

Our Hardox500 stands allow you to place your target either standing flat on top of the ground (Natural forward leaning stance), or spiked into it to help achieve the desired target positioning.

Steel Target Co-99.jpg
Steel Target Co-78.jpg

Reactive Kills Shots

Specific kill shots to simulate real life shooting practise

Our reactive kills shots are the result of multiple design developments in reaction to failures or issues in the field. They are now now a popular addition to nearly all of our hunting targets. They provide increased entertainment, practicality and allow the high impact volume sections of these targets to be a replaceable part for significantly extended use.

Realistic Silhouettes

All of our hunting targets are life size and a realistic silhouette

Our hunting targets all begin with the same design brief - Realistic and life size silhouette to accurately represent the animal in question 

Steel Target Co-86_edited.jpg
Steel Target Co-12.jpg

Flat Pack Assembly

Making set up and transportation a straight forward process

All of our hunting targets are assemblies of components cut from 10mm Hardox500 steel. Each one breaks down easily with minimal tools required to make transportation and set up a simple process.

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