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> Rimfire Rated

> 8 x targets from 3" dropping to 1/4"

> Simple brekadown assembly

> Suitablr for high volume & commercial use



The Know Your Limits (KYL) target is a popular choice in the rimfire shooting world, providing a challenging yet entertsining target line up that not only tests but helps sharpen a shooters skills. A shooter will engage the targets, starting with the largest (3") and move through each target with increased difficulty as the size reduces. With the targets themselves made from 10mm thick Hardox500, they will not come to any significant damage from rimfire rounds. You might just want a tin of spray paint handy! 


No tools are required to assemble this target as it comes with wing nuts, although a 17mm spanner might be helpful if setting it as a perminant range fixture. 



> Targets (x8) 10mm thick Hardox500 ( 3" / 2.5" / 2" / 1.5" / 1" / 3/4" / 0.5" / 1/4" )

> Frame & legs constructed from mild steel

> Fasteners provided - no tools required

> Weight - 

> Dimensions - See image 


Rimfire Know Your Limits (KYL)


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