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Tank trap's are a common barricade found on the firing point at most Precision rifle competitons. They are an assembly of three timber posts, mounted in formation to create a tripod. These barricades provide numerous challening firing positions for a shooter to use, making them a versitle option to challenge a shooter during competitons and for training.


Our Tank trap brackets are fabricated from steel and are designed to accept 4x4inch timber posts, a common standard size found at your local timber merchant. we reccomend using 2.1m long timbers to get the most out of your barricade. The timbers slot smoothly inside the profiles of the bracket and are fixed in position using the bolts located on the outside to firmly grip the posts. we recommend carring a 24mm spanner/driver when setting these up.


*Please note - this bracket does not come supplied with the timber posts*

Tank Trap Bracket


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